Top six online games for children

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 Destiny 2

Developer: Bungie
Format(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Bungie’s not-quite-an-MMO Destiny has hit a few snags over the years, but dare we say things are looking up thanks to the newest expansion, Destiny 2: Forsaken. There’s so much you can do with friends in Destiny 2, from farming for that next piece of awesome gear to mixing it up in the Crucible for some PvP, or learning the ins and outs of the latest uber-challenging Raid. And of course it doesn’t hurt that at the core of all this is Bungie’s excellent gunplay, which just feels so. Dang. Satisfying.

 Rainbow Six Siege

Developer: Ubisoft
Format(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

A bit like Counter-Strike, albeit a tad slower and class-based, Rainbow Six Siegehas drawn a committed community. With modes like Bomb, Terrorist Hunt, and Hostage, there’s a distinct focus on teamwork and tactical thinking. Heck, you can even try out Tactical Realism mode and eliminate your HUD while giving yourself a restricted number of magazines. And with tools like deployable walls, battering rams, and drones, you’ll have all kinds of fun trying out the various classes and gadgets.

Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix
Format(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

No one, and we mean no one, foresaw just how big Rocket League was going to be. RC cars playing soccer? Who would’ve guessed that was the formula for a major hit? But pick up the controller and launch yourself hurtling through the air at a giant ball as other toy cars zip around you, and you’ll immediately get it. Matches are quick and rewards are doled out generously, making it easy to lose hours as you tell yourself “just one more match.”

GTA Online

Developer: Rockstar Games
Format(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Technically not a game by itself but rather a mode in Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA Online deserves to be recognized as its own beast. In real life you might be a mild-mannered accountant, teacher, fast food worker, doctor, or any other number of occupations. But GTA Online lets you live the life of a supercriminal, complete with dangerous heists, illegal operations, expensive (and ill-gotten) luxuries, and all the things the real world would immediately throw you in jail for. When you want to get away from reality and become the power-mad crime boss you always wished you could be, GTA Online is there.

 Dota 2

Developer: Valve
Format(s): PC

One of the first games to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of esports, Dota 2 is as much a spectator sport as it is a game to enjoy for yourself. One of the most dominant and popular games in the MOBA genre, it’s treated with reverence by its playerbase, who constantly analyze and scrutinize its every facet. It’s the quintessential classic in its designs: three lanes, five heroes on each team, creeps pushing forward to destroy the enemy base. That singular focus has made Dota 2 into a figurehead of its genre.


Developer: Blizzard
Format(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

The first new intellectual property from Blizzard in nearly two decades, Overwatch was a drastic shake-up of the competitive shooter scene. As a ‘hero shooter,’ it features a wide variety of distinct characters – a gorilla with cybernetic enhancements, a mecha and its pilot, a deranged pyromaniac, a possibly-undead soldier, a freaking hamster inside a battle tank, and many more – each with their own abilities and role to play. Teamwork is key, as the game is never about simply eliminating the opposition, but rather securing objectives. It’s also made great strides in the esports arena, with tournaments even being broadcast on ESPN.


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